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efflorescence paint problems

Efflorescence Painting Issues

Efflorescence is a term to describe mineral salts that appear on the surface of substrates caused by moisture migrating through it. The problem can occur on interior and exterior painting work. The moisture causes the surface to have paint failure in the forms of peeling, cracking, blistering or crystal like substance forming on the surface.

exterior painted apex

Exterior Painting - Book Early

Due to the various weather conditions we’ve been having in the West Midlands , such as wetness in forms of rain and snow but temperatures remaining mild; it seems issues of wet rot, dry rot, mould, algae, lichen and moss is showing more on properties. If left untreated it can be unsightly, allow substrates to fail or have a factor in accidents occurring; preventing this should be a priority; as it will stop it becoming a greater expense or even worse, a health hazard