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West Midlands Painters Domestic, Residential & Commercial

Block Paving, Driveway Pressure Washing

Pressure washing block paving and driveways can restore them from that grubby look back to a clean

Patio Pressure Washing

No one wants to relax in an area of stubborn dirt, moss, algae and weed build up. Have that patio looking fresh and bright again.

Exterior Cladding Pressure Washing

To help maintain cladding it is recommended they are washed down to help prevent failure of coatings

Exterior Walls Pressure Washing

Why let fresh paint look old and dirty after traffic and general dust, a pressure washer will clean

Commercial, Forecourts, Playground, Gardens, New Build Pressure Washing

Fresh Start Decorators can clean various substrates, concrete, tarmac, block paving and more.

Fence and Decking Pressure Washing

Fencing and decking timber can sometimes be left neglected until it is too late to restore them; and in the case of decking

Pressure washing services in Solihull and Birmingham

Domestic, Residential, Commercial and Public Sector