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Due to the various weather conditions we’ve been having in the West Midlands, such as wetness in forms of rain and snow but temperatures remaining mild; it seems issues of wet rot, dry rot, mould, algae, lichen and moss is showing more on properties. If left untreated it can be unsightly, allow substrates to fail or have a factor in accidents occurring; preventing this should be a priority; as it will stop it becoming a greater expense or even worse, a health hazard.

When painting exteriors, wet rot is mainly noticeable on untreated or unprotected surfaces. It is usually seen on lower sections of garage doors and frames, and mainly on window sills and frames. The porous surfaces usually have a moisture content of over 50%, but is contained to the area affected. If the substrate isn’t beyond repair, using the correct products and application methods, the surface can be prepared, treated and painted, to have a lasting finish. This ultimately depends on the level of deterioration.

Algae, lichen and moss can really look terrible on newer builds and painted surfaces. You generally find it on lower bay masonry or block paving. These growths only require the smallest amount of moisture, mild temperature and salts to continue to live and multiply. They can allow water to sink deep into the substrates causing breakdown, discolouration and other maintenance issues. In the case of block paving and decking, once the area is damp or wet, it can become very slippery and cause accidents. So these areas should not only be cleaned to look good, but also for safety reasons.

Mould and damp can cause severe health problems. Although some people can be unaffected by these areas; others can have many symptoms such as, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation and skin irritation. These interior problems can be caused due to poor exterior maintenance, and is usually found to be linked to penetrating damp through cracked or blown render; or mortar joints and blocked or broken gutters.

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Fresh Start Decorators have the knowledge in dealing with the problematic areas mentioned above. On our assessment we establish areas of concern, give suitable options to our customers and provide a detailed price detailing the work to be carried out and show a separate cost for the materials and the products being used.

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Please contact us to arrange a free call out, so we can price the exterior work you require. It is always best to book early to secure a date, and prevent any disappointment. We look forward to hearing from you! Fresh Start Decorators

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