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Airless paint spraying

For larger projects Fresh Start Decorators are able to use airless paint spraying equipment. We have various extensions, tips and filters to offer a range of products that can be applied using this method.

Xvlp and HVLP spraying

For smaller projects requiring a spraying service; Fresh Start Decorators are able to use hvlp and xvlp sprayers. The benefit from this is a finer finish for smaller areas. They also provide less product wastage.

Epoxy Paints

Experienced in using epoxy paints; these paints are not the same as epoxy coatings as they can contain minimal amounts of resin and are sometimes confused for epoxy coatings. Contact us for further details.

Epoxy Coatings

Experienced in using Epoxy Coatings; containing epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. These are ideal for tarmac, concrete, roof surfaces and other places durability is essential

Unit Cladding Repaints

Regardless of the current finish (plastisol, polyurethane, silicone polyester, powder coatings) Fresh Start Decorators have the skills to repaint the and revamp to a fresh clean finish.

Project Management

We complete all required CDM health and safety paper work including risk assessments, coshh, method statements, traffic management and have required insurances

Decorators that complete spray painting and epoxy floor coatings

Domestic, Residential, Commercial and Public Sector