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West Midlands Painters Domestic, Residential & Commercial

Exterior Masonry Painting

Fresh Start Decorators offer a service to paint all types of exterior wall surfaces such as roughcast, render and brick

Exterior Trim Finishes

We provide finishes to new installations or repaints, stains and varnishes to previous finished surfaces. Prior to application we

Specialist Coatings

We can provide finishes to metals such as iron and steel; plastics, Upvc and fiberglass using the correct systems to prevent

Paint Stripping

Using one of the safest methods of paint stripping available, Fresh Start Decorators are able to remove up to 32 coats in one

Exterior Clean Down

Gutters cleaned out, facia, soffits and windows cleaned down or exterior masonry washed. Fresh Start Decorators offer a

Decking & Fences

Fresh Start Decorators can apply timber treatment and finishes to reduce and/or delay the chances of mould, algae, fungi, dry and wet

Exterior painting and decorating services

Domestic, Residential, Commercial and Public Sector